Teeth in a day? What’s that? In our experience over the years, nobody loves their denture. I speak with patients every day who might need to go the denture route and nobody is happy about it. I’ve always hated prescribing a denture to replace failing or missing teeth. I do not enjoy having to let a patient know that they need one. Now there is an alternative! Dentistry and technologies to treat oral conditions are changing for the better each day. Today, the best choice to immediately replace missing teeth may be with dental implants. It is now possible for many patients to have the missing teeth replaced the same day as their teeth removed through a procedure called a DIEM (also known as “all-on 4” or “teeth-in-a-day”). The DIEM process allows you to return home the same day as the procedure with replacement teeth that look and function most like natural teeth. Whether a person has already lost teeth or might lose teeth in the future, dental implants may offer an immediate, long-term solution. Dental implants allow patients to avoid the negative emotions that having missing teeth can cause. This technique also eliminates the need to have “teeth” that come in and out (i.e., a denture). Replacing teeth immediately through the DIEM technique helps preserve jaw bone and gum tissue, resulting in dental implant restorations that look and function most like natural teeth. Immediate teeth placement may also mean reduced treatment time and that you may never suffer from the embarrassment of having missing teeth or restorations that come in and out. Who might be a candidate for this procedure? Are you facing losing most or all of your natural teeth and are concerned about a change in your appearance? Are you, or do you know somebody who is, already missing teeth and struggles to eat, speak and otherwise socialize with an ill-fitting denture? The following are some general thoughts on who is a candidate for this technique - - A person may be a candidate for DIEM if he or she: -is in good, stable overall health -has stable oral health and good oral habits -is without teeth, has dentures or has failing bridges -has tooth decay throughout their mouth that is beyond repair -has sufficient quality and quantity of bone and gum tissue -does not want to wait to have functional and attractive teeth replacement therapy Feel free to contact us for more information. We love to help patients with their oral health. When we have a technology that can improve quality of life, we want to provide that care.